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There's Been a New Terror Attack in Britain
And this time, it was in Manchester (the third largest city in Britain, and not super-far from my hometown if you take the motorway.) It occurred last night after an Ariana Grande concert (yes, this one is of concern to Americans too), and so far, nearly 60 people have been injured and 22 are dead. Tragically, the death toll includes children.
Fairly predictably, ISIS have claimed responsibility. We all know ISIS are a bunch of crazy, destructive fuckers, but murdering kids?! How fucking low are they?! :wtf: Those kids just went to see Ariana Grande for a good time - they didn't expect to be killed by a suicide bomber who deliberately waited for them outside the Manchester Arena.
Disgustingly, the alt-right have taken this attack to bash Ariana Grande herself for being left-wing and supporting refugees. Erm, CHILDREN HAVE FUCKING DIED. Shut the fuck up and pay some goddamn respect! Personally, I've never been thrilled with the alt-right since I heard about it (it appears
:iconmintaka-tk:Mintaka-TK 21 41
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oh noez ur making animals fight u r a cruel person
Pokémon helps us see animals more as individuals and as a result, we should be less cruel to them.
The original Pokémon games, Red Green and Blue, were inspired by Satoshi Tajiri's desire to relive his childhood days of catching bugs. (I think that's why he made it...) There is much, much more to Pokémon than kidnapping little critters and forcing them to fight each other for sport.

Gen 1 - Red Green and Blue
 - From the first generation, you could nickname your Pokémon, just like how you name a pet or, if you're a parent, your child(ren).
 - There are so many Pokémon to choose from, so you can catch cute and cool Pokémon.
 - You can use items on your Pokémon, including healing potions, to make them feel better if/when they get hurt.
 - Introduces Team Rocket, an antagonistic group who apparently does mean things to Pokémon.
 - After defeating the player's rival (Green/Blue/Gary) at the end of the game, Professor Oak scolds him, telling him he lost because he "didn't love and trust" his Pokémon enough.

Gen 1.5 - Yellow
 - Colour!!!
 - Your starter Pokémon, Pikachu, hates Pokéballs.
 - As a result, it becomes your partner Pokémon and walks behind you (except in tight or dangerous areas or when fainted).
 - You can talk to Pikachu by turning around and pressing A. It will show an expression depending on certain factors like how much it likes you and how well it is.
 - Title scenes shows Pikachu running towards you, surfing, etc.

Gen 2 - Gold, Silver and Crystal
 - Sprite clean-up - The Pokémon sprites are cleaned up so they look less weird - and more attractive.
 - Genders! We're getting one step closer to the personalisation of Pokémon.
 - Shiny Pokémon!
 - You have an even meaner rival who hates Pokémon. Guess what becomes of him?
 - Pokémon get a Happiness stat, some Pokémon evolve only by happiness and there are moves based on how happy your Pokémon is (Return and Frustration).
 - More people have some compassion for Pokémon.
 - There are now berry trees, so you can feed your Pokémon berries!
 - You can also give them haircuts!

Gen 3 - Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and FireRed and LeafGreen.
 - Luxury Balls and Soothe Bells were introduced.
 - Pokémon now have a set personality, comprising of "Nature" and "Behaviour." (e.g. Relaxed, Brave or Quirky for Natures OR "Quick to flee," "Capable of taking hits," or "Loves to eat" for behaviours.)
 - (FireRed exclusive) When using an item on a Pokémon, a brief cutscene occurs showing the item being applied to the Pokémon.
 - Pokémon Contests, with Contest Conditions (Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Toughness and Cleverness.)
 - As a result, there are "Pokéblocks," little sweet treats you can give your Pokémon. They have different flavours and affect different Contest Conditions.
 - Pokémon react differently to the Pokéblocks depending on their Nature.
 - Pokémon now have unique menu sprites.

Gen 4 - Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and HeartGold and SoulSilver
 - (HG/SS Only:) Partner Pokémon! You can have any Pokémon travel behind you just by having them in the front of your party. You can talk to them, and you can talk to them, with more expressions delivered through dialogue, based on environmental factors and Pokémon stats.
 - Pokémon fashion and (HG/SS only) Pokéball capsules (for special effects).

Gen 6 - X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
 - Super Training and Pokémon Amie - you can finally play with your Pokémon!
 - More realistic animations.

People have even done "Nuzlocke" challenges, where you place restrictions that give you more of a challenge... or develop friendships with your Pokémon.

What can we learn from all this? That Pokémon does not promotes animal cruelty by kidnapping creatures, but rather discourages it by promoting friendship with your Pokémon by individualising them and encouraging teamwork through tough situations.

Sources: Bulbapedia
Why... just why would anyone prefer to have a child who is vulnerable to serious and potentially fatal diseases than Autism? Just WHY?
Saying that vaccines cause Autism is not only wrong but it is an insult to Autistics and other people with mental disabilities like Asperger's or ADHD by implying that you'd rather they end up severely ill or dead. Some parents even hold "chicken pox" parties, which is not healthy, since the body usually never truly defeats the virus - it remains dormant in the body and you can end up with shingles when you're a lot older and it is apparently very painful and can cause painful nerve damage that can last for months or even years - just like the toxic flames from a Houndoom in Pokémon. In other words, parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids because of reasons other than having a weak immune system, etc., seem like cruel people who don't love their kids at all and would rather they suffer and be sickly.

So which would you rather have now? A healthy kid who's Autistic, or a sickly child who keeps getting nasty diseases that hurt them really badly? Vaccinate your kids for goodness sake!

This is the Digital Art Tools List with free-to use art programs ONLY. NO paid ones. Here's a guide to the freeware apps that can be used for art. This list includes a description and evaluation of each program. This will be updated every now and then as more info is found, so stay tuned.

Windows - Compatible with Windows Software
MacOS  - Compatible with Mac OS.
Linux Logo Emote by Articuno32 - Compatible with Linux
:iPod: - Compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone
Android Icon mini - Compatible with Android
GameBoy Color Yellow  - Can run on old or slow systems
DeviantArt  - DA Tool
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! - Pre-Installed on your system
Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! - Downloadable from the Internet
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! - Downloadable from an app store
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! - Usable in a Browser
    Downloading Icon (Emote) by Articuno32 - Downloadable content.

WindowsGameBoy Color Yellow Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! - MS Paint
Platform: Windows
Around since the first version of Windows, Paint has all the basics of Digital Art. It's mostly pixel based, allowing for detail.
Good: Pre-Installed as long as you have a Windows OS, easy to use, even has a textbox function that uses the fonts installed on your system.
Bad: Limited function, mediocre range of tools, poor quality and often creates "noise" when saving as a JPEG/JPG file. Also does not support animations or transparency.
So what is it best for: It's good for pixel art, creating maps or as a sort of scribblepad. Don't expect too much from this program as it's just a pre-installed piece of software made my Microsoft in the event where you have no Internet and are unable to use the good programs.
What's the best File Extension: Use Bitmap or PNG whenever possible. These extensions do little damage to your work by not adding noise and other crap. Bitmaps often treat your pictures as-is and therefore are high quality. Do NOT use JPEG!!!

WindowsDot Bullet (Red) - F2U! - Windows 3D Builder (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10)
Platform: Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 (confirmed)
A new program created yet again for convenience. It's a 3D Model builder.
Good: Pre-Installed, easy to use, and quite flexible. Lots of tools. You can even import your own image.
Bad: Compatibility restrictions, custom objects. Maybe a bit basic...
So what's it best for: 3D Models, of course!
How should I submit my model: Before submitting, take a picture of the scene as a preview image. Save and upload the scene, using the screenshot as a preview image. Otherwise, just submit the screenshot.

WindowsDot Bullet (Red) - F2U! - Snipping Tool (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.)
Platform: Windows Vista (not confirmed) 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
A fairly recent screenshot tool that allows you to take screenshots in any area you choose.
Good: Pre-Installed, easy to use, even allows for basic graffiti in the area you just captured.
Bad: Cannot be used on all the OSes in the world. That's pretty much it...
So what's it best for: Taking screenshots.
Best File Extension: I recommend you use Bitmap or PNG to get the best quality possible.

WindowsMacOS Linux Logo Emote by Articuno32GameBoy Color Yellow Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! - Apache OpenOffice
Platform: Computer Operating Systems - Windows Mac OS and Linux
Basically a free version of Microsoft Office. Believe it or not, you can use this program for Digital Art, along with MS Office. You'd want to use the Draw program in this case. I had this on my old, OLD laptop.
Good: Has similar functionalities to MS Office for free, compatible with older OSes and contains lots of great tools. Can handle images larger than the canvas. Office.Org can use files from MS Office, which is convenient if you can't afford MS Office.
Bad: Might take a bit of time to get used to. Also, it is a bit difficult to save your pictures.
So what is it best for: I'd say mostly collages, memes and shapework drawings (drawings you made by using shapes).
How do I save my picture: You'll wanna drag the cursor over your work to select it (Shift key doesn't work), copy it onto the clipboard, Paste it into Paint and save that file. Again, you want to use a PNG or Bitmap format.
Site: Download:…

Windows Linux Logo Emote by Articuno32MacOS:iPod:Android Icon miniGameBoy Color Yellow Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! - Tux Paint
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, and even other operating systems. Go to the site for details
Free painting software designed for kids. But it makes a great Digital Art Tool.
Good: Runs on many, many systems! Wide range of tools and effects, entertaining little sounds that play when using a tool and compatible with even old and slow systems.
Bad: Colour Picker is restrictive and does not allow you to change the Saturation, so you can't select greys and you can't resize your canvas. Also, you will have to set the save location to a certain file directory yourself through the Configuration tool or you won't be able to find your pictures. You also have to rename them in the file explorer/finder thing you use.
Best Uses: Desktops, scenes, special effects.
Site: Download:…

Windows Linux Logo Emote by Articuno32MacOSDot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! - Krita (Desktop)
Platform: Windows (7 or newer), Linux, Mac OS X
An advanced digital art tool with lots of brushes, settings and modes.
Good: Lots of settings to choose from, including brushes, studio modes, draw modes, most of which I can't be bothered listing (too many!), awesome colour picker tools, great for the people who want to make some serious digital art, and not just crazy doodles using crappy MS Paint. It even has an instruction manual to make up for the complicatedness of the program. (See Bad.)
Bad: Really complicated to use - you'll have to have quite a bit of experience to actually perfect it. Lack of compatibility and if you're using a computer with Intel Graphics, the Open GL will cause the tool to crash, so you have to disable it in the Configuration thingy (good luck with that since the window will be so huge).
Best Uses: Any sort of advanced digital art, from cartoons to serious paintings. The potential of this app will be more than outweigh the lack of compatibility and the possible stress of trying to figure it out.
Site: Download:…

WindowsGameBoy Color Yellow Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! - Pivot Stick Figure Animator
Platform: Windows (98 or newer) but can run on Mac OS and Linux if you use Boot Camp (for Mac OS) or WINE Emulator (for Linux).
You can create animations using "stick figures" - objects made using lines and circles. You can use this to make animations and stuff. It can run on systems as old as 98, but you'll need a lot of RAM for longer animations.
Good: Easy to learn, can make your own "stick figures" and even import stick figures from GIF images. There are even two versions - a Classic version and an Advanced version.
Bad: Lack of compatibility, extra software offers (that may be flagged as malware), does not support sound.
Best Uses: Creating little animations, models, etc.
How should I submit it: You can save an animation as a .gif or as an Avi video, which can be edited in Windows Movie Maker.
Site:… Download:…

WindowsDot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! - Windows Live Movie Maker
Platform: Windows 7 or newer.
A tool that can be used to create videos by combining pictures or other videos. You can even add your own sound.
Good: Easy to use, has a lot of other tools as well, including captions and transitions.
Bad: No longer supported, prone to security problems and any animated GIFs will be made static. You also can't overlap songs - you have to save the video first.
Best Uses: Creating videos and movies.
Site:… Download:… (Hint: click the download TAB just to the right of the Editor's review tab. Don't go clicking on any of the ads! Hope you've got anti-virus...)

DeviantArt Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! - DA Muro
Platform - Any device that can handle browsers.
DeviantArt provided us with this Digital Art Tool for convenience. It's more advanced than Paint and allows for a lot of possibility with it's wide range of tools.
Good: Easy to reach, convenient, wide range of tools and settings. Supports transparency and has so many layers for your convenience.
Bad: Requires Internet and is therefore subject to bugs and glitches, can't handle images bigger than 2000x2000px. Does not do pixels.
Best Uses: Sketches, doodles, cartoons and comics.

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! - Piskel
Platform - Any device that can handle browsers.
I was looking for a spriting tool and came across this.
Good: Wide range of spriting tools and stuff, with frames, frame rate and transparent background.
Bad: Requires Internet, probably not suitable for non-computer systems.
Best Uses: Animated sprites and icons.

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Downloading Icon (Emote) by Articuno32 - Incredibots
Platform - Unknown, but I know at least the first two versions work on Windows XP and up. The third one works on Windows 7 and up. They probably also work on Mac OS X...
You get to build "bots" and a lot of other stuff by combining shapes to form objects. You can make them any size, attach shapes to each other using different kinds of "joints", etc. etc. You can even change the environment the bots are in (also known as the "sandbox") and you can even interact with these bots in "simulation mode". How cool! There are tutorials for your benefit as well.
Good: Wide range of tools, you can save locally and import/export "bot" codes. You can also make "challenges" and "replays" (videos) with it! It even comes in three versions. You can even download these games for your laptop!
Bad: Online content so you may experience glitches, etc. There's also not a lot of support for it anymore.
Best Uses: Car race games, RPGs, etc. A whole heap of things can be done with it.
Download (1 & 2 only:)…
Incredibots 1:… 2:… 3 (Beta):…

How do I submit it:
Take a preview photo and upload it, along with the bot code and probably a link to the version you used.


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